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Sample Client

The primary entry point to the API module is the Processor class. This class is used to run the report miner processing engine using a model definition file, a report file that you wish to process against the model and, optionally, a plugin DLL file that you have developed to control the processing engine. The sample code below illustrates a console application which runs the processing engine and prints the extracted data to the console.

A simple Windows console application that runs a Opait Report Miner
model against a PDF file with an optional plugin DLL. The output
is formatted and printed to the console screen.
using System;
using Opait.ReportMiner.Api;

namespace ReportMinerClient
    class Program
        const string Syntax = "Syntax: Client -m <model> [-r <report>] [-p <plugin>]";

        // Logs all messages to the console screen.
        static void Log(string message)

        static void Main(string[] args)
            string model = null;
            string report = null;
            string plugin = null;

            // Parse the command line arguments.
            for (var i = 0; i < args.Length - 1; i += 2)
                switch (args[i].ToLower())
                    case "-m":  model  = args[i + 1];  break;
                    case "-r":  report = args[i + 1];  break;
                    case "-p":  plugin = args[i + 1];  break;
                    default:    Log(Syntax);           return;

            // Model is the only required argument.
            if (model == null)

            // Create an instance of the report miner processor.
            using (var processor = new Processor())
                // Run the processor to extract records from the PDF file.
                var records = processor.ParseRecords(model, report, plugin);

                // Format and display global fields, if any.

                // Format and display each extracted record.
                foreach (var record in records)