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Opait.ReportMiner.Api Namespace

You can use the interfaces defined in the API namespace to communicate with the Report Miner processing engine. You do this by implementing a callback interface which is passed to the server at the same time that the main form is created. This interface may contain custom code to alter or enhance the processing of data. For example, you may wish to route retrieved data to specific applications or data tables, or use data elements and text from PDF pages for more complex processing.

1. The processing engine executes on the background worker threadpool. You should not call any user interface elements, such as dialog boxes, from within callback handlers.

2. Use the LogMessage method of IEngine interface to log messages to the output window or the log file.
Public classExportJob
Class represents an export job. Export jobs run in a priority queue. A job can be triggered by arrival of source files in a watched folder.
Public classExportProject
Class represents a project with a list of jobs.
Public classFactory
Class provides static factory methods.
Public classPlugin
Base implementation of the plugin interface to the Report Miner processing engine.
All plugin functions are implemented as virtual methods that return a code to continue with the normal processing. The API clients can override any number of these virtual functions to implement customized handling of the processing workflow.
Public classProcessor
Report miner processing engine.
Public classReportModel
Class represents a parsed and validated Report Miner Model file.
Public interfaceICell
Public interface of a table cell.
Public interfaceIColumn
Public interface of a table column.
Public interfaceIDocument
Interface represents a PDF report document.
Public interfaceIEngine
Interface to the Report Miner processing engine.
Public interfaceIField
Interface defines an exported field.
Public interfaceILabel
Interface defines a label.
Public interfaceIPage
Interface represents a report page.
Public interfaceIPlugin
Interface defines a plugin for the report miner processing engine.
Public interfaceIRecord
Interface defines a logical record.
Public interfaceIRow
Interface of a row in a table.
Public interfaceISection
Public interface of an exported text section.
Public interfaceISentence
Public Interface to a detected sentence.
Public interfaceITable
Interface of a table.
Public interfaceIToken
Public interface of a text token.
Public enumerationConstraintType
Constraint types applied to bounding rectangles.
Public enumerationExportFormat
Supported file formats for exported report.
Public enumerationLabelAction
Action associated with label detection.
Public enumerationMultiRowMerge
Enumerates options for merging rows.
Public enumerationSectionFilter
The list of data types used to filter sentences.
Public enumerationSectionType
The types of data to extract for text sections.