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Getting Started

There are two aspects to using the API to control and enhance report mining:

  • Using the top-level API object called Processor to initiate and execute the report mining process on specific reports.

  • Using the report miner API to control and enhance the processing during the runtime.

To setup your new project to use the report miner API, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a reference to Opait.ReportMiner.dll which is located in the Report Miner installation directory.

  2. In your source files, add the following directive to enable access to the API classes and interfaces:

    using Opait.ReportMiner.Api;

  3. Opait report miner relies on Pdfium.dll which is also located in the installation directory. If your program will execute the report miner, then you will need to copy Pdfium.dll to the output directory of your project. This step is not necessary for plugin development.

    Right click on your project in the Solution Explorer and click on “Add Existing Item”. Then navigate to the report miner installation directory and select Pdfium.dll. Make sure that the “Copy to Output Directory” attribute of the newly added Pdfium.dll in the properties window is set to one of "Copy always" or "Copy if newer".

    Acknowledgment: Pdfium.dll is a c++ library based on the Google’s PDF rendering engine which is used in the Chrome browser.

  4. It is required that your projects are compiled in 64-bits and use .NET Framework version 4.7.2 or higher.