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Opait Montage
Bringing order to meta documents!

Discover, capture, collate and publish meta documents with Montage. Meta documents are essential to many businesses as they capture the inter-document relationships into actionable higher level entities.

Are you a knowledge worker ready for automation and a boost in productivity?

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Opait Report Miner
Wrangling documents into actionable data!

Report Miner helps you discover and extract actionable data trapped inside unstructured documents.

With Report Miner, you can automatically detect and export data fields and complex tables from PDF files, scanned images, and Office documents.

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Opait Barcoder
The only barcoding software you need!

Use Opait Barcoder to render all popular 1D & 2D barcodes, find and decode any number of them, and generate and add them to all your digital assets at will.

An ideal solution for indexing, annotating and searching PDF documents with barcodes.

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Opait Viewer
The world's smallest full featured viewer!

Opait Viewer is a free full featured application for viewing PDF files, images, Office documents and more. It comes packed with features that you will normally find in much larger programs and some that you will not find anywhere else!

A single .NET executable of 2.5 MB with no installation required!

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Opait Pdf Library
The nifty library for PDF!

Opait PDF Library is a flexible SDK for adding PDF related functionality to .NET applications.

Use Opait PDF library to create, modify, organize and publish PDF documents with ease.

Opait TessStudio
Optical Character Recognition made easy!

Use the graphical environment of TessStudio to run the neural networks based Tesseract OCR engine, review the results, make corrections and save as searchable PDF documents.

TessStudio includes a Free Community edition which is ideal for ad-hoc OCR.

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Opait TessPro
The high volume machine intelligent OCR!

Opait TessPro was designed for automation and high volume OCR processing of scanned documents in production environments. OCR jobs can be set up to run 24x7 with minimal operator supervision.

TessPro can handle OCR jobs of any size by utilizing its multi-threaded multi-processing architecture together with its ability to scale horizontally.

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