Opait Barcoder

Opait Barcoder is the only barcode generator and decoder you need!

Use Opait Barcoder to render all popular 1D & 2D barcodes, find and decode any number of them, and generate and add them to all your digital assets at will.

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Click below to download a non-technical PDF summary of the Opait Barcoder.
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Opait Barcoder provides extensive API with full documentation and code samples.
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Opait Barcoder is a 64-bit Windows application. Click on the button below to download and install the latest version of the Barcoder. It consists of graphical programs for encoding and decoding barcodes in a variety of formats, a flexible command line interface and an extensive API for integration.

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Opait Barcoder provides a complete set of .NET API for automation and integration. The features supported by the API include:
  • Parse and detect multiple barcodes in single or multi-page image or PDF documents.
  • Generate and save 1D and 2D barcodes with full control of attributes and file formats.
  • Save generated barcodes in PNG, JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF, SVG or PDF formats.
  • Generate and add barcodes to existing PDF documents with full control of size, format and placement.
  • Generate barcodes using PDF instructions instead of embedded raster images to reduce overhead and preserve fidelity at any resolution.
  • Place the encoded content of barcodes behind the PDF barcode images as PDF hidden text to make the barcodes "searchable".
  • Generate QR-Code barcodes using any of the supported QR payloads with full control of attributes.

Opait Barcoder also provide a flexible command line program that allows similar functionality without any programing. The command line is ideal for automating barcode applications in batch files and without programing.

The API Reference documentation has multiple annotated examples in C#. A typical application only needs a few lines of code.

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