Opait Montage - Overview

In today’s document centric World, there are many software products for creation, distribution, and management of documents. Most of these products focus on the lifecycle of a single document at a time, ignoring its context and relationship to other documents as parts of more complex entities. Businesses often need to organize, group and label collections of documents as single logical entities in their processes. We refer to such collections of related documents as meta-documents. Some examples where meta-documents play a central role include:

Creation of meta-documents involves multiple processes. Some of these processes include:

Some Meta-document applications can benefit from automation and Machine Learning. But there are also many applications where full automation is not always possible for many reasons. Among these are:

These applications that require manual processes and expert knowledge can still benefit from software designed to support the knowledge workers and enhance their productivity, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs. Montage is a product designed specifically for this purpose.

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