Opait TessStudio

Optical Character Recognition made easy!

TessStudio is a graphical user interface for the open source Tesseract OCR library: a modern neural network based optical recognition engine.

TessStudio provides an environment in which you can run the OCR engine, review the results, make corrections and save as searchable PDF files. It is ideal for ad-hoc OCR, processing one document at a time.



TessStudio is a 64-bit Windows application. Click on the button below to download and install the latest version of TessStudio.

Download TessStudio Version 1.7.4 (9.83 MB)

When first installed, TessStudio will be automatically licensed as a Free Community edition. You can use the "Manage Product License" option under "Help" menus to activate a trial of the registered version for evaluation purposes. At the end of the trial period, the license will revert back to Community.

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