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Opait.Ocr.Api Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the Opait OCR processing engine. These can be used to control the OCR workflow and develop custom plugins.
Public classOcrActions
Class represents the collection of actions performed by OcrJobs.
Public classOcrFactory
Static factory methods for creating OCR interfaces.
Public classOcrOptions
Class encapsulates options used in performing OCR.
Public classOcrPlugin
Default implementation of the plugin interface to the OCR processing engine.
Public classOcrPluginBase
Base implementation of the plugin interface to the OCR processing engine.
All plugin handlers are implemented as virtual methods that return a code to continue with the normal processing. The API clients can override these virtual methods to implement customized handling of the processing workflow.
Public classPixOptions
Class encapsulates OCR processing options for source images.
Public interfaceIOcrDocument
The public interface of a source document for OCR processing.
Public interfaceIOcrImage
Interface to the image of a page as input to the OCR processor.
Public interfaceIOcrJob
The public interface of a scheduled OCR job.
Public interfaceIOcrPlugin
The interface defines a plugin for the OCR Service.
Public interfaceIOcrProcessor
The public interface to processing a list of scheduled OCR jobs.
Public interfaceIOcrProject
Public interface to a project consisting of one or more OCR jobs. Each job can watch a shared or exclusive folder for qualified input files.
Public interfaceIOcrRule
Defines a Regular Expression correction rule for OCR words.
Public interfaceIOcrStats
Interface for reporting OCR job statistics.
Public interfaceIOcrTemplate
Public interface of a template for extracting zoned OCR data.
Public interfaceIOcrZone
Public interface for defining a rectangular image zone for OCR extraction.
Public enumerationOcrDebugLevel
Specifies the level of capturing OCR debug images.
Public enumerationRepeatUnits
Repeat interval units used in OCR projects.
Public enumerationSourceAction
Enumerates the post-processing actions on the source documents.