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Getting Started

There are two aspects to using the API to control and enhance TessPro:

  • Using the top-level API object called Processor to initiate and execute the TessPro processing engine on a specific project file.

  • Using the TessPro Plugin API to control and enhance the processing during the runtime.

To setup your new project to use the TessPro API, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a reference to Opait.TessPro.dll which is located in the TessPro installation directory.

  2. In your source files, add the following directive to enable access to the API classes and interfaces:

    using Opait.TessPro.Api;
  3. Opait TessPro relies on a number of third-party components from the installation directory. If you are developing an executable that will run the processing engine, then you will need to copy the content of the installation directory to the output directory of your executable. Your output directory should contain:

    • tesseract.dll

    • leptonica.dll

    • pdfium.dll

    • tessdata directory and its contents.

    • Your executable

    These files are not required for plugin development.

  4. It is recommended that your projects use .NET Framework version 4.7.2 or higher and compiled for the x64 platform.