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Opait.Pdf.Api Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces for creating PDF files from OCR data.
Public classPdfBezier
Represents a double precision cubic PdfBezier spline curve.
Public classPdfDate
Utility class to handle PDF formatted dates.
Public classPdfException
Exception thrown from PDF Library.
Public classPdfMatrix
Represents a double precision 3x3 affine transformation matrix. An affine matrix can be represented by 6 numbers in the first two columns. [A, C, 0] [B, D, 0] [E, F, 1]
Public classPdfOptions
Defines various PDF options.
Public classPdfParserException
Exception thrown from the PDF parser.
Public classPdfPasswordException
Exception thrown when PDF password is missing or is invalid.
Public classPdfPoint
Represents an ordered pair of x and y coordinates that defines a point in a PDF two-dimensional plane.
Public classPdfQuadPoints
Class represents a quadrilateral shape in PDF world coordinates.
Public classPdfRectangle
Class represents a rectangular region in PDF world coordinates. The rectangle is kept normalized.
Public classPdfSize
The class represents a size in PDF world coordinates.
Public classPdfStateException
Exception thrown when PDF state is invalid.
Public enumerationBinarizationMethod
Binarization methods when converting images from grayscale to black-and-white.
Public enumerationBlendMode
Blend modes are named functions used in compositing formulas to control the blending operation.
Public enumerationImageCompression
Image compression methods.
Public enumerationLayoutMode
Page layout mode to be used when the document is opened.
Public enumerationPdfActionType
Standard PDF action types
Public enumerationPdfAnnotAppearance
An annotation can define as many as three separate appearances.
Public enumerationPdfAnnotBorder
Annotation border styles defined by the S entry in the border style (BS) dictionary.
Public enumerationPdfAnnotFlags
Annotation Flags: the value of the annotation dictionary’s F entry is an unsigned 32-bit integer containing flags specifying various characteristics of the annotation.
Public enumerationPdfAnnotState
Annotations can have author-specific state associated with them.
Public enumerationPdfAnnotType
The type of annotations that can appear on a PDF page.
Public enumerationPdfBookmarkStyle
Font display styles for bookmark (outline) text.
Public enumerationPdfDestType
PDF destinations may be associated with outline items, annotations, or actions. A destination defines a particular view of a document, consisting of the following items: • The page of the document to be displayed • The location of the document window on that page • The magnification (zoom) factor to use when displaying the page The following types of destinations are defined:
Public enumerationPdfEncryptionAlgorithm
The following algorithms are used when encrypting data in a PDF file:

A proprietary encryption algorithm known as RC4. RC4 is a symmetric stream cipher: the same algorithm is used for both encryption and decryption, and the algorithm does not change the length of the data.

The AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm (beginning with PDF 1.6). AES is a symmetric block cipher: the same algorithm is used for both encryption and decryption, and the length of the data when encrypted is rounded up to a multiple of the block size, which is fixed in this implementation to always be 16 bytes.

Public enumerationPdfFilterType
PDF stream and image compression filters.
Public enumerationPdfFontStyle
Specifies style information applied to text.
Flags have the same values as System.Drawing.FontStyle
Public enumerationPdfInfoField
Entries in the document information dictionary.
Public enumerationPdfLineCap
Line cap style in the graphics state (table 4.4)
Public enumerationPdfLineJoin
Specifies how to join consecutive line or curve segments in a figure or subpath (table 4.5).
Public enumerationPdfPageMode
PDF page mode when the document is first displayed.
Public enumerationPdfPageSize
Common PDF page sizes. Page width/height are in the high/low word.
Public enumerationPdfPixelFormat
Enumerates pixel formats when PDF pages are converted to images.
Public enumerationPdfRendering
PDF text rendering modes.
Public enumerationPdfSaveFormat
Options used when a PDF document is saved as a new file.
Public enumerationPdfVersion
Supported PDF file versions: 14 for 1.4, 15 for 1.5, etc.
Public enumerationTiffSaveFormat
Compression formats for TIFF or rasterized PDF pages.