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Opait.Api Namespace

This namespace contains common definitions and functions that are used in more than one product.
Public classFileData
Class encapsulates basic data about a file.
Public classProgressState
Class tracks the state for a progress for a process.
Public enumerationActionCode
Defines action codes that are returned from plugin callbacks.
Public enumerationDataType
Defines data types that can be detected in parsing text.
Public enumerationFileFormat
Defines a partial list of file formats.
Public enumerationImageFormat
Specifies formats for saving image files.
Public enumerationJobStatus
Defines the states of a scheduled job.
Public enumerationLogLevel
Specifies the meaning and relative importance of a log event.
Public enumerationPageSegMode
Represents the possible page segmentation modes of the Tesseract OCR engine.
Public enumerationSearchAction
Enumerates search action types.
Public enumerationSearchOptions
Enumerates options for text search.
Public enumerationSortOrder
Specifies how items in a list are sorted.