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Welcome to Opait Barcoder API

The only barcoding library you need!

Barcodes play a central role in today's business processes and automation. They come in a variety of specialized formats and can encode information in linear, as well as, two-dimensional grid formats. In recent years, some barcode formats, in particular the QR-Code, have broken from their industrial frame and entered our everyday life. Barcodes have the unique ability to connect physical objects with online digital content.

A simple QR-Code (Quick Response Code) is a square barcode that can store up to 4,296 characters of information about people, products or social events. A business card with a QR-Code can be scanned by any smart phone and transfer a great deal of information about the holder, including name, address, company, phone numbers, email addresses, or even tag lines and hobbies.

Barcodes are used in a variety of process:

  • Inventory Control

  • Point of Sale

  • Secured Access

  • Quality Control

  • Decision Making

  • Work in Progress

  • Time and Attendance

  • Data Extraction (forms)

  • Productivity Measurement

  • Projects, Processes, Workflow

But more importantly:

  • Party Invitations

  • Personal Identities

  • Theater Tickets

  • Games

  • Social Media

Barcodes are everywhere and they are not going away anytime soon!

The Opait Barcoder offers everything related to barcodes in one agile software product. It can render most 1D and 2D barcodes, can find and decode any number of them in existing documents, and let users generate and add them to all their digital assets at will.

The application programing interface (API) of the Barcoder allows automation and full control of both encoding and decoding of barcodes. It allows seamless integration into processes that generate or use data in one of the many barcode formats.

This document describes the simple design and components of the Opait Barcoder API.