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DataType Enumeration

Defines data types that can be detected in parsing text.

Namespace:  Opait.Api
Assembly:  Opait.Core (in Opait.Core.dll) Version:
public enum DataType
  Member nameValueDescription
String0 Allows letters, digits and some punctuations. This is the default type when a more specific type cannot be assigned.
Numeric1 A numeric value consisting of digits, hyphens and periods.
Currency2 A decimal amounts in a valid currency format, depending on supported locales.
Date3 Represents a date or a combination of a date and a time.
Alphanumeric4 Represents an alpha-numeric value consisting of letters, digits, hyphens and periods.
Custom5 A user defined type that has a regular expression mask.
Computed6 A user defined type that is computed from other data elements.
Unknown7 The data type is unknown or to be determined later.
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