Licensing Options & Pricing

Thank you for choosing Opait's "Nifty Barcoder", the only barcode generator and decoder you need! On this page you can order Opait Barcoder and use it in your business or private applications.

User License

Grants use of Opait Barcoder software by the specified number of users.

You may use the provided desktop programs, or the Barcoder command line interface to automate creation and detection of more than 25 barcode formats.


Developer License

Grants use of Opait Barcoder software and associated API by the specified number of developers.

Use flexible .NET API to integrate detection and encoding of barcodes with desktop or on-line applications.


Annual Maintenance

The prices above include a full year of maintenance. Maintenance for additional years can be purchased at 25% of the purchase price. Maintenance allows you to receive email support and free upgrades. The product will continue to function without any limitations after the maintenance runs out but we strongly recommend that you renew your maintenance.

Runtime Licenses

The developer licenses above allow Opait Barcoder libraries and embedded licenses to be distributed at runtime as integral parts of applications developed by you or your company. Runtime licenses cannot be used for product development.

Special Licenses

Opait software offers discounted licenses for educational institutions, government and nonprofit organizations. Please contact Opait Support for any special licensing needs including OEM, unlimited site and source code licensing.

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