Opait PDF Library
Opait PDF Library Documentation


Opait PDF Library contains classes and interfaces for creating and modifying PDF documents.

The library is entirely written in the C# language for .NET version 4.7.2 or higher. It has no other dependencies.

Although not essential, some knowledge of the PDF reference manual is helpful in using some of these classes.


Please follow the following steps to install and activate your copy of the Opait PDF library:

  • Download the installation file from https://opait.com/opaitpdf
  • Run the installation file and install the software to your development machine.
  • Run the included OpaitPdf.exe program and activate your license.

The following files will be installed:

  • Opait.Pdf.dll is the main assembly that you will reference in your applications.
  • OPaitPdf.exe is a utility program that allows you to manage your license and check for updates to the library.
  • OpaitPdf.lic is your license file that is installed into you ProgramData folder. Normally:

Getting Started

In any application that uses the Opait PDF library, you will need to:

  • Add a reference to the main assembly Opait.Pdf.dll.
  • Authenticate the use of the library using your license file.

There are several ways to authenticate applications using the license file:

  • Copy the license file to the ProgramData directory on the computer that is running the application. For example:
  • Copy the license file to the same directory as the new application executable.

In these two scenarios, the authentication is automatic and you don't need to call any other functions.

You can also explicitly authenticate using the following static library functions:

You can use the second function above to embed the license file as a resource in your application.